On Tuesday 02 October 2007 13:02:02 Simon Budig wrote:

> Not "just noise", his points have some merit. But they are directed to
> the wrong audience and the intended audience already knows about his
> points. That ironically makes his mails pointless...
If you regard my contributions as noise then please do not waste you time 
reading them unless you are trolling to start a flame war. If so you will not 
be successful here because I will follow a policy I have followed over 30 
years on mail lists -- keep on topic and, apart from making a polite qrequest 
to keep on topic,  ignore trolling provocations designed to take threads off 
topic by making personal comments.  

So here is my polite request:

"You are not obliged to read my posts so please be thoughtful of others and  
either contribute on topic or keep quiet."

I would add:

Maybe you are not comfortable with the topic but please leave anyone else who 
has a different point of view, free to contribute in comfort. Topics in which 
noone is interested die early. 

Most people realize that one person's noise may be another's music. I find the 
most interesting and valuable contributions come from people who have sound 
arguments well expressed and who, when they disagree with another's argument, 
are able to find ways to respond and be personally respectful at the same 


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