Rich wrote:

Rich wrote:

Rich wrote:

After installing 2.4.0-rc3, I was configuring the preferences, as I was trying out the settings,
 when I double clicked the 'Main Mouse Wheel' device under
 File/Preferences/Input Devices/Input Controllers, Gimp disappears and dies.

One more item - I thought about comparing the controllers in the controllerrc file.

One last note, :) I was testing the mappings, and it seems the context mappings for the mouse wheel do not work. I updated them to match the new mappings - now everything works fine. (thanks for the debug events).
 Maybe there is a default that needs to be updated.

(GimpControllerInfo "Main Mouse Wheel"
   (stock-id "gimp-controller-wheel")
   (enabled yes)
   (debug-events no)
   (controller "GimpControllerWheel")
       (map "scroll-up-control-alt" "context-gradient-select-next")
       (map "scroll-up-shift-control-alt" "context-font-select-next")
       (map "scroll-down-control" "view-zoom-out")
       (map "scroll-up-shift-alt" "context-pattern-select-next")
       (map "scroll-up-control" "view-zoom-in")
       (map "scroll-down-control-alt" "context-gradient-select-previous")
       (map "scroll-down-shift-control" "context-brush-select-previous")
       (map "scroll-up-shift-control" "context-brush-select-next")
       (map "scroll-down-shift" "dialogs-brushes")
       (map "scroll-up-alt" "context-opacity-increase-skip")
       (map "scroll-down-alt" "context-opacity-decrease-skip")
       (map "scroll-down-shift-alt" "context-pattern-select-previous")
       (map "scroll-down-shift-control-alt" "context-font-select-previous")
       (map "scroll-up-shift" "dialogs-colors")))


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