Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> it sounds as if you managed to screw things up quite badly. You can't
> have several versions of GIMP installed unless you put them into
> separate prefixes outside the system search paths. Using '/usr/local'
> doesn't count as a separate prefix. Please see the release notes for the
> development releases:
> If you followed those instructions, and there are still problems, then
> it would be nice to get a bug report with a stack trace from the crash.
> What you included in your mail was the output from strace. That's not
> very useful to debug a crash. What we need is a back-trace generated
> from gdb. But for most problems it should be sufficient to have a
> detailed description that allows us to reproduce the problem.
Thanks. I'll check out the site. 
Cleaning up the so's from 2.3 worked.
Updating the context actions restored the mouse wheel options.

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