On Friday 19 October 2007 12:56:04 am Leon Brooks GIMP wrote:
> On Friday 19 October 2007 12:08:53 Chris Mohler wrote:
> > I've been messing with the ubuntu beta (gutsy) and it
> > installed RC3 from the start.
> It seems to have enough packages to keep Feisty happy, & is
> even small enough to download over dialup in an afternoon. I'll
> dpkg this shortly. I might get pitched off-line shortly by SWMBO,
> but if not, I'll let you know how it went.
> Cheers; Leon

Most Linux distros (Ubuntu is an exception) come with the necessary software 
tools to download a source tarball,  configure, compile and install it. That 
is what I did.

Slackware means you never have to wait for a deb or an rpm :<).  But users of 
most other distros can do the same if they are in a hurry for Gimp 2.4rc3. 
John Culleton
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