>   installed de new Gimp 2.4.0.under Windows XP.
> It looks fine, but the Script-fu menu does not appear. The delivered
> scripts are present under the share directory. So it seems that the
> scripts contain syntax errors. 

The menu where rearranged. Now there's no "Script-Fu" menu any longer.
Instead, you'll find the scripts inside the various menus, most of the
time in the "Filters" menu. (For example, the Coffee Stain script is now
under Filters > Decor).

> I downloaded also the script Border3,
> which works fine under Gimp 2.2.17. After placing the script in the
> scripts directory the Script-fu menu appears in the image window. 

That's because that script was registered with the "old" style menus.
The script tells Gimp that it should appear in a menu named "Script-fu",
so Gimp create that menu.
If you're curious, you can search for "the script-fu-menu-register" part
inside the script.

> After
> applying the script border3 an error-message comes up.
> What to do about this problem?

There were a few differences between the former and the new script-fu
interpreters. You'll find the migration guide here [1], so you could
search for the error messages in the guide and do the necessary
replacements in the script. (I don't know that script, but maybe you
could also try to see if the author made a 2.4-compatible version).

[1] http://gimp.org/docs/script-fu-update.html

I hope that helps :)


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