Ruud en/of Truus wrote:
>  I installed de new Gimp 2.4.0.under Windows XP.
> It looks fine, but the Script-fu menu does not appear. The delivered
> scripts are present under the share directory. So it seems that the
> scripts contain syntax errors.

The Script-Fu menu is under the Xtns menu entry in the main tool box window. 
If you don't see that, you have a problem with your installation. You may not 
see a Script-Fu menu on the Image menu (depending on what additional scripts 
you may have installed) due to the restructuring of the menu system.

Many of the scripts and plug-in menu entries can be found based on what they 
do and not based on what language the script or plug-in was written in.

> I downloaded also the script Border3,
> which works fine under Gimp 2.2.17. After placing the script in the
> scripts directory the Script-fu menu appears in the image window. After
> applying the script border3 an error-message comes up.

I can't help with your border3 script since you failed to state the error 
message that you saw. I would suggest you take a look at the Script-Fu 
migration notes located at and 
see if there is something there which relates to the error you saw.


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