On Nov 2, 2007 10:13 PM, carol irvin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> no, i haven't.  i just discovered this problem this evening.  i finally took
> photos today with my iphone and i wanted to see how much i could improve
> them in an image editor. that's when i tried opening them in GIMP and
> discovered the problem.  so i ended up going to photoshop and editing them
> there.  actually, the pictures were pretty good.  i was just curious as to
> how good a camera was on the iphone.  (talk about point and shoot!)  i
> especially like the way i can see the image i'm going to shoot on the
> iphone, click on the iphone and it takes it on the back of it.  i photo pops
> up when i sync with the iphone and the mac and pics come right in.  i guess
> i'll try a reinstall this weekend unless there is a big notice there that it
> only works on Tiger (the earlier OS),  oh, am attaching two photos. all i
> did was crop these two.

I'm officially jealous :)

It would be better to upload your attachments somewhere (photobucket,
etc) and post a link - anyone on dial-up is going to have a hell of a
time with that last message ;)

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