how many people here are on dialup?  for anyone still debating the switch in
the usa, i have found that it paid for itself.  i have not owned a land line
in years.  i own an iphone.  period.  i am on the cheapest plan with that
since I use email to stay in contact with over 95% of the people I know.  I
also threw away my fax machine.years ago.  i use the free faxzero online
instead.  I don't need to add to my broadband cable bill with entertainment
because I get all the dvds I need free from the 3 libraries I use, setting
up my holds online.  so i need no tv other than as a monitor.  i can also
stream media on my macbook for further entertainment or education, including
podcasts. both my husband and i can also be online at the same time.  i can
also carry my macbook all over my home and still be online, including
outside.  This is also tax deductible because we use it for work.  All this
for $45 a month.  Oh, and I need to use a stamp once or twice a month now
since I handle all my mail online.  I realize those of you not in the usa do
not have these ideal cirecumstances necessarily but it is hard for me to
understand why anyone in the usa thinks dialup is a bargain.


On 11/2/07, Chris Mohler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Nov 2, 2007 10:13 PM, carol irvin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > no, i haven't.  i just discovered this problem this evening.  i finally
> took
> > photos today with my iphone and i wanted to see how much i could improve
> > them in an image editor. that's when i tried opening them in GIMP and
> > discovered the problem.  so i ended up going to photoshop and editing
> them
> > there.  actually, the pictures were pretty good.  i was just curious as
> to
> > how good a camera was on the iphone.  (talk about point and shoot!)  i
> > especially like the way i can see the image i'm going to shoot on the
> > iphone, click on the iphone and it takes it on the back of it.  i photo
> pops
> > up when i sync with the iphone and the mac and pics come right in.  i
> guess
> > i'll try a reinstall this weekend unless there is a big notice there
> that it
> > only works on Tiger (the earlier OS),  oh, am attaching two photos. all
> i
> > did was crop these two.
> I'm officially jealous :)
> It would be better to upload your attachments somewhere (photobucket,
> etc) and post a link - anyone on dial-up is going to have a hell of a
> time with that last message ;)
> Chris
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