On Saturday 03 November 2007 22:31:44 carol irvin wrote:
> how many people here are on dialup?

Me. Mostly due to lack of alternatives.

If either the Government or an ISP or both gets an act, we can
eventually get a 512kb satellite connection for about AUD$45
a month. Plus ghasp dollars per gigabyte.

None of the mobile (cellular) based data networks are functional
here (town in Western side of Tasmania) (very few even work
for telephones), the sole alternative (called OneWire) is
wireless within town (to fixed-point Yagi antennae) but
sometimes works out slower than dialup.

There is no DSLAM in the exchange, nor even any promises from
telcos about one. So no ADSL. There is no "real" wireless.

This is quite a change from the city of Perth, Western Australia,
where barebone ADSL can be had from AUD$15 a month, real
(ADSL2, 6 Mb vs 800 kb, 10GB/month) from AUD$49 a month,
wireless (most areas, about AUD$90 a month), mobile (everywhere,
from about AUD$120 a month for a useful plan), etc.

Cheers; Leon
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