Just for the record, in case anyone else is having the same problem on  

The problem was that Gentoo had the recent versions of Gutenprint which  
support 2.4 marked as unstable. Allowing their use installed the proper  
print dialog.


On Sat, 03 Nov 2007 18:00:18 -0000, Akkana Peck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  

> Thomas Worthington writes:
>> > Is there any way to get the print dialog in 2.4 to work like the old
>> > Gimp-Print one? The new one is hopeless: doesn't list my printers  
>> (which
> norman writes:
>> that I haven't yet got Gimp 2.4.1 installed as there is nothing yet for
>> non-techies using Ubuntu. However, according to the image in Akkana
>> Peck's book it looks the same as in earlier versions of Gimp as does the
>> page in Gimp 2.4 rc3.
> The new GTK print system wasn't introduced into GIMP until after
> "Beginning GIMP" went to press, so the dialogs shown in the book are the
> Gutenprint ones, not the new default print dialog that comes from GTK.
>> > I assume that the print dialog in 2.4 is a placeholder for soemthing  
>> else
>> > but I don't know what. Should I be using Gutenprint now?
> You can still get the Gutenprint plug-in from the project's web site
> http://gutenprint.sourceforge.net/ -- or you may be able to
> install it as part of your distro. Ubuntu Gutsy seems to install
> Gutenprint by default, instead of the gtk print plug-in, but I don't
> know what other distros are doing with 2.4. You can have both
> installed -- they'll show up in the File menu as "Print" and "Print
> with Gutenprint".
> I use Gutenprint myself, because of the control it gives me over
> resolution, paper type, and placement on the page, its live preview,
> and because GTK print is still a bit buggy; but GTK's print has
> improved quite a bit recently, so it may yet become usable.

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