>> Following is my "Urban Acid" Script-Fu program.  It attempts to
> the
>> famous Photoshop Urban Acid action, which dramatically alters the color
> curves.
>> The program worked well in GIMP 2.2, but is buggy in v2.4.  I am having
>> following problems:
>> * The first time, it runs but the working layer shows no difference.
> Indeed, even the mode is not set to overlay.
>> * The second time executed, not seems to happen.  Not even a copy layer
> is
>> created.
>> * GIMP seems to increasingly act weird after that.  Scripts may or may
> not
>> run.  The entire experience looks like a memory over run.
>> I am now running GIMP 2.4.1 under Windows, but I saw the same thing in
> 2.4under Windows and also Ubuntu (Gutsy Gibbon).
> Using Ubuntu-7.4
> Gimp-2.2 the script works fine
> Running on Gimp-2.4 throws the following error
> Error while executing
> (urban-acid 1 2)
> Error: eval: unbound variable: set-pt
> But I am not up with Script-fu so will leave debugging to others

Ah ha, read some more mail, and this one from Tobias Jakobs points to the
Script-fu changes which include;

By far, the most common problem that can be expected if using an older
script is that it might assign a value to a variable without first
declaring the variable. SIOD-based Script-fu would permit a statement such
as (set! x 4) even if 'x' had not been declared -- 'x' would be defined
automatically to be a global variable. The new Script-fu protects against
this situation and the programmer must declare the variable first. The
offending script would result in an error message stating, "Error: set!:
unbound variable: x".


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