Dave 77459 wrote:
> Owen,
> Thanks for confirming that it works in 2.2 under Ubuntu and crashes on 2.4.
> I too got that unbound error on 2.4 .  I declared all the variables, 
> which cleared that up under Windows.  I still got the unbound error in 
> Ubuntu, which is odd since set-pt is a function, not a variable??
> So I added this in the hopes it would clear up:
>        ; define the set-pt procedure (used to be embedded??)
>        ; from http://adrian.gimp.org/scripts/shagadelic.scm
>        (define (set-pt a index x y)

The script calls set-pt but did not define the function. In GIMP 2.2 functions 
in one file were defined in a way that made them available to be called by 
scripts in other files. While this can be a useful feature at times it can 
also cause problems.

There were two scripts that defined point-list->double-array which took one 
argument. The routines were different and as a result, one of the two scripts 
appeared to be broken as it wound up calling the wrong version of the function.

As of GIMP 2.4, the scripts which ship as part of the Script-Fu plug-in define 
the functions they need locally (ie. other scripts can't access them). This 
avoids the problems of adding a new script and finding out that some other 
previously working script no longer works.



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