On Nov 17, 2007, at 11:50 PM, Victor Domingos wrote:

> I recently upgraded to Mac OS X Leopard, which seems to be just great
> and almost one month later there are no signs of a compatible GIMP
> binary coming (I need a PPC version, because I use a PowerBook G4).
> Just to make things worse, the GIMP port in MacPorts seems not to work
> properly. I used to have both the old GIMP.app and the latest MacPorts
> gimp-dev version running, and now I simply cannot use GIMP.
> I am getting kind of desperate :(
> I am teaching some students how to use GIMP and now I am not able to
> try the exercises at home, before the classes. Does anyone have a good
> news to me (is it coming, is it??).
> By the way, is it that difficult to build a PPC version at the same
> time we build an Intel one? Supposedly, Apple gave developers the
> means to build both at once ("Universal Binaries"), right? What is
> happening, then?
> Anyway, I now the team is working hard on GIMP, and I thank you for
> your great work.
> Best regards,
> Victor Domingos
> (sadly, not GIMPing right now, in a sunny Portugal...)

I suggest you update your macports (selfupdate) and sync your ports  
and install the gimp2 port. I am running gimp 2.4.1 from macports (via  
the gimp2 port) and all is well. Also, you will probably need to  
update your X11 - see here: http://www.x.org/wiki/XDarwin

The latest  version is 1.2a11. Ben Byer (XDarwin developer) has been  
doing terrific work getting things improved for us :) Lastly, if you  
don't mind the extra inbox items you might want to subscribe to the  
x11-users list (somewhere on lists.apple.com there ought to be a link)

Good luck and happy GIMPing :)

--Mike H
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