> I create a new page.  When I try to draw on it, the image on the background
> is offset from where the cursor is.  In other words the cursor is in one
> place and the drawing appears to its right.  Image attached.
> My Mouse pointer with the little paintbrush was in the position marked with
> the red arrow. This means that the image was created as it should but off
> set to the right of where my mouse was moving.
> This was using a Genius Pen pad.  When I use the standard mouse, the image
> does not even appear on the canvas.  I presume it is being painted somewhere
> off canvas.
Try going to preferences -> input devices -> configure extended input devices
Select your tablet (even if it is already selected, I have to for some
reason) and I'm guessing "Mode" may be set to Window. Change this to
Screen, press save, close, and try again. (You may also want to press
"Save Input Device Settings Now" in the input devices tab)
What window mode does, is use the whole tablet to fit the dimensions
of the image, that means if you have you pen at the top of the pad, it
will be at the top of the image, not the desktop.
However, if your window manager catches the pen input to use as a
mouse, then as soon as you move the mous out of the image window, GIMP
will no longer notice it, and stop moving the drawing cursor.
This is how it works in MS Windows.

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