I'm trying to reduce noise using multiple photos of the very same subject, 
using both a tripod or simply repeating a scan a number of times ( i have a 
flatbed scanner with a lot of noise especially in dark areas... )

So far i have tried with my old broken camera that had powerful noise at 400 
iso  and first results are not bad at all.

( heavy purple fringing is probably due to the fact that i choosed 5/7 of the 
max resolution, 5 mp instead of 7 )

But i have still some questions:

I have used the first level, as normal, with 100% opacity, then i have added 
other 9 levels ( 9 photos ), with opacity 100/9=11,1, and mode set to normal.

If i use 10 levels, at 10% opacity each one, the brightness of the result is 
different from the original ( lighter ).

An example: i would like to use a grayscale image, shot 3 times.

For a given pixel, i have that first image is 200, second 190, third 192.

So i would like to have as a result (200+190+192)/3=194

So what do you think i should use?

Thank you in advance.


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