In GIMP 2.2, If I use a selection tool (such as rectangle, elipse, freehand, 
etc) then once the selection is made and I release the mouse button, I can 
click and drag the contents of that selected area. However this behaviour has 
changed in 2.4 and trying to drag the selection now just moves the selection 
outline rather than the contents itself (previously done by holding Alt down 
while dragging). Is there any way to restore the old behaviour or do I now have 
to hold down keys to drag contents?

Also, if I select an area and then choose the fill tool, 2.4 only fills that 
area if I click directly on it while previous versions would let me click 
anywhere on the entire layer to make the fill. Can this behavior anso be 
restored (it still works as expected when drawing gradients in selections)? It 
makes matters worse when you select an area with low alpha values and the 
marchin ants outline either doesn't appear or only covers tiny areas. And on 
the subject of filling, am I right in percieving filling to be notably slower 
than it was in 2.2?

Another annoyance is that I no longer seem able to hold the Ctrl key down while 
clicking on a palet colour to set the background colour. Can this also be 

Additionally, I've encountered an annoyance that has appeared in 2.4. When 
saving an image as a JPG, the first dialogue to pop up is the large one asking 
for the file name and path. Then, the next one to appear is the one with the 
JPEG settings, which of course has an option to preview the image before 
saving. However, the large save dialogue is now always above the window 
containing the image so you can't actually see the image unless you drag the 
save dialogue off of the screen. The JPEG settings window still goes behind the 
image window, it's only the 'save' dialogue that won't go below it. Can this be 

Oh, I also notice that when I use the quick eye dropper in the colour dock, the 
colour it sets is wrong. It's lighter than the actual colour I clicked on. The 
main eye dropper tool sets the colour correctly so is this a bug?

This is all in GIMP 2.4.2 on Windows XP so I'm not sure if that last issue 
applies to any other platforms.
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