On Saturday 08 December 2007 8:08:58 am Tom Purl wrote:
> I've recently started manipulating layers with Gimp 2.4, (on
> Windows) and it order to be more standards-compliant, I have
> been saving my images as PSD files . In general, this has
> worked pretty well for me, except that the Gimp crashes a
> couple of times an hour.  The operations that cause the Gimp
> to crash are pretty simple, and usually cannot be reproduced.
> Is this flakiness the result of using the Gimp on Windows or
> the result of using PSD files instead of XCF files?
> Thanks in advance!

I wonder which ISO , or other, standard you think PSD files 
conform to... They are simply the native file format of Adobe 
Photoshop. You should not be using them as the "standard" format 
for GIMP, since it has its own native format, XCF. Try using it 
instead of PSD and see if GIMP's stability issues disappear.
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