On Saturday 08 December 2007 13:08, Tom Purl wrote:
> I've recently started manipulating layers with Gimp 2.4, (on
> Windows) and it order to be more standards-compliant, I have been
> saving my images as PSD files .

"standards compliant with PSD files" ..thats is really funny.
For uyou r information, PSD files are in no way standard. They are a 
proprietary format with closed specs - that is, only ADOBEknows fully 
well how to write and read these files. 

GIMP implements .PSD handling up to version 6 of Adobe Photoshop - 
that is, up to the time the specification of PSD were open. 

You should save your work in progress in .XCF format, which is GIMP 
native. When sending your files to other, non-gimp users, people you 
should send .PNG which is a standard, and only in case you have to 
pass image layers alogn, and the other person refuses to install GIMP 
himself, you should save in .PSD

> In general, this has worked pretty 
> well for me, except that the Gimp crashes a couple of times an
> hour.  The operations that cause the Gimp to crash are pretty
> simple, and usually cannot be reproduced.

Now you go a point - the crashes should not happen.
There shpuld be something that trigger than, and it would be important 
that yyou could isolate the cause (it could even be the fact that you 
opened the image from a .PSD file) of the crashes and report it to 
developers (at http://bugzilla.gimp.org ).

> Is this flakiness the result of using the Gimp on Windows or the
> result of using PSD files instead of XCF files?

GIMP in windows should not crash this often. Try working with XCF for  
a while and check if crashes stop. If not - oh well.... "format and 
re-install" ??  (that is if you can find no gimp-usgae pattern that 
triggers the crash, it might be related to some defective system or 
base library - which indeed would be fixed with a fresh system 
> Thanks in advance!
> Tom Purl
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