Hi Folks,

>You have an error in your placement of ')'.
That was because I thought set was used similar to (let ..)  

>I don't think you need the file save since you haven't changed the file since 
>it was loaded.
I have corrected the arguments. I saved the file first because
gimp-file-save-thumbnail documentation suggested to do so.  I've since
removed it.

>The SF-VALUE in the register block should be SF-FILENAME.
Yes, had already manage to correct this.

> Where did you come up with 'when'? There is no such function in Script-Fu.
I'd been slowly trying to learn Common Lisp and thought that Script-Fu had it.
Here is the scheme coding tutorial I was using, most likely the wrong
thing to be reading.

(define (script-fu-create-thumb filename)
  (let* ((img 0))
    ;; car needed here because gimp functions return values as lists
    (set! img (car (gimp-file-load 1 filename filename)))
     (gimp-file-save-thumbnail img filename)))

(script-fu-register "script-fu-create-thumb"
                    "Thumbnail Image"
                    "Marty Bradley"
                    "Marty Bradley"
                    "Dec 2007"
                    SF-FILENAME "Image Name" " ")

thank you,

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