Johnny Rosenberg wrote:
 > I see. All we did to make it work, was to remove the script from the
 > GIMP user script folder, in this case ~/.gimp2.4/scripts. It was the
 > only script and even only file in that folder. Isn't it strange that a
 > single file can do just any kind of damage by just lying there? I mean,
 > if I run a non user script, which obviously isn't dependent on the
 > Cross-processing script, why would it matter what kind of files I have
 > in my user defined script folder? Should really GIMP look there at all?
 > 2. I just want to learn how these things work, in this case because I
 > can't see that it makes any sense.

Of course GIMP needs to look in the ~/.gimp-2.4/scripts directory. GIMP ships 
with a number of scripts. There needs to be a separate directory were users 
can put their own scripts or ones written by others.

All scripts are read in to a single namespace. If two scripts have conflicting 
  definitions for items defined outside of a function (ie. global to the 
file), there will be problems running the functions from one of those files.

I found a cross-processing.scm script listed in the GIMP plug-in registry. It 
was written for GIMP 2.0 and needs some minor updates before it can be used 
properly with a 2.4 version of GIMP.

Now you have a slightly better idea of how things work in regards to Script-Fu 


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