Johnny Rosenberg wrote:
> I understand that GIMP has to look in that directory to be able to list 
> all available scripts in the menu, but I don't understand how that alone 
> can cause conflicts. Just looking for scripts to place their names in 
> the menu and, of course, link the names in the menu to the corresponding 
> script.

Script-Fu reads all scripts in to one block of memory. It can only remember 
one copy of something (based on its name). If two script files each define 
something called 'my-function', the last script file containing a define for 
'my-function' will be the one Script-Fu remembers. Any code that calls 
'my-function' will be executing the version from the last script to define it.

>>     All scripts are read in to a single namespace. If two scripts have
>>     conflicting
>>       definitions for items defined outside of a function (ie. global to the
>>     file), there will be problems running the functions from one of
>>     those files. 
> But does GIMP really HAVE to do all this?

It doesn't *have* to do this but it was made to work that way a long time ago
and that hasn't been changed (yet). I have started work on a side project
which will change this behaviour.


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