Before I report them as problems, I thought I'd check with other users.
First, I can't seem to get the Perspective Clone to perform the way it
does in the video tutorial.  The cloning operation doesn't appear to
lean in the direction I've adjusted the perspective handles.  I'm
wondering if I'm misunderstanding the use of the handles or something.
Anyone else having problems using it?

Second, I've noticed that the Healing tool clones garbage pixels after a
while.  It starts out working okay.  After a short time, the first click
to clone is fine, but if I hold down the shift key and then click again
to perform a straight line clone operation the pixels cloned along this
line are (for lack of a better term) garbage.  Is anyone else seeing
this?  I've noticed that the problem is not consistant - it doesn't
always show up.

FYI - I'm using 2.4.4.

I've posted examples of each on my web site:

Clone problem: In
this example, I expect the perspective to be toward the left and back
but that's not what happens when I paint the cloned area.
Healing tool problem:
The problem is visible on the right side where three straight line
operations have started adding colored pixels to the otherwise black and
white image.  Note that while it may appear the source location is too
far right and the operation may have gone off the right edge of the
image, it hasn't as the image extends to the right beyond the visible
canvas border.  So it's not a boundary edge problem.
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