Michael J. Hammel wrote:
> Second, I've noticed that the Healing tool clones garbage pixels after a
> while.  It starts out working okay.  After a short time, the first click
> to clone is fine, but if I hold down the shift key and then click again
> to perform a straight line clone operation the pixels cloned along this
> line are (for lack of a better term) garbage.  Is anyone else seeing
> this?  I've noticed that the problem is not consistant - it doesn't
> always show up.
> FYI - I'm using 2.4.4.
I just upgraded to 2.4.4, but have noticed this with the healing tool as 
When it starts to occur, it really goes off the far end - example, dark 
area for source point,
and then the first click on the area that needs touching up goes yellow 
or white.
Seems like its an exor'd value.  I then select the clone tool, click 
once, then go back to heal,
and its fine. 

BTW, I really like the heal tool.  I like to clone an area first, then 
run a heal on the edges.
It really blends nicely.

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