On Mon, 2008-02-04 at 17:52 +1100, Owen wrote:
> Also using 2.4.4 on Linux, I have been unable to replicate your problems. The 
> perspective worked intuitively and the heal seemed to work no matter what I 
> did

I've assumed that, like the video tutorial, if I pull the upper left and
right handles down toward the center of the canvas that I'm setting the
far end of the perspective view.  So a square cloned with the
perspective clone tool would have it's left and right sides aligned with
the left and right sides of the perspective box.  This is my impression
of what should happen based on the video tutorial.  Is this how it's
supposed to work?  If so, it's not doing that, as the sample picture
shows.  In fact, it almost looks like the application of the perspective
is opposite of what I'd expect. And the size of the clone object is not
always what I expect.  Sometimes it gets larger.  Sometimes (as in my
example) it gets smaller.  What deteremines the cloned object's size?

>From the example I've created I can't deteremine what the expected
results should be given the movement of the handles to specific

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