On Sun, 2008-02-10 at 23:49 -0800, Akkana Peck wrote:
> The exif plug-in as it existed on the old registry didn't work with
> GIMP 2.4. I updated it a while back and got it working for reading
> exif, but it looked like it would be a big job to make it read/write
> and I dropped it.  If anyone wants it, I could upload the version I
> updated later this week (right now I'm away from the machine that
> has the source).  The updates were pretty straightforward.

I was wondering why this wasn't merged into the internals so decided to
do a Bugzilla search.  See

Looks like it's not as straight forward as one might think for
supporting EXIF data across multiple file formats or multiple versions
of EXIF-like data.  Ideally this is what you want so that the file, of
whatever type, when read by its file plugin would store the exif data in
parasites (or similar) and a generic exif viewer/editor would alllow
access to it.  Changes to the data would then be preserved when the
image is saved.  However a generic solution like this has been under
discussion for some time.

In the interim and for the simple case, a file-type specific exif viewer
plugin could be written that uses (as the bugzilla entry points out) the
newer exiv2 library.  

Or just get Akkana's latest version of the old JPEG exif plugin back
into the registry. :-)
(See http://registry-archive.fargonauten.de/plugin?id=4153 for the old
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