On Mar 25, 2008, at 5:26 PM, Hans Mull wrote:

> Michael Hernandez schrieb:
>> On Mar 25, 2008, at 3:52 PM, Mauricio José Adonis Carrasco wrote:
>>> El mar, 25-03-2008 a las 18:13 +0100, Alchemie foto\grafiche  
>>> escribió:
>>>> well looks as a Gimp clone, even support xcf is for sale at
>>>> http://www.pixelmator.com/ for 59$
>>>> Is for Mac
>>>> Is licit ?
>>> Yes... read GPL License.
>>> Regards.
>>> --  
>> I have pixelmator - let me tell you honestly - it looks great, and
>> it's fun to use but it's no where near a GIMP clone. It simply does
>> not have all of the features, and is missing some basics such as
>> rulers, guides and a method of drawing (or performing other actions)
>> in a straight line.
>> It's a great piece of software that has potential - but it's very  
>> young.
>> --Mike H

My opinion is that if you can get it on sale, get it. I got mine in a  
macheist bundle, which cost me something like $50 total and included  
pixelmator, vector designer (another interesting yet young graphic  
program) and a bunch of other stuff. Would I pay full price for it?  
No. I hate to say that because I'm sure the guys that are working on  
it could sure use the money - but it's just not ready. If I could get  
a native OS X version of GIMP, I'd pay $60 for it in a heartbeat.

--Mike H
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