Hi David,

> In my installation, scripts/ directory has permissions 755, and its
> contents have permissions 644. This happens automatically upon
> installation, so I believe something strange has happened on your
> system to alter the permissions. I admit I do not try altering the
> prefix in the way you have, it may be an unaccounted bug.
> Anyway you can work around it by making sure the scripts/ directory
> has appropriate permissions, and executing 'chmod +x -R *' inside the
> scripts/ directory

In my installation also, scripts/directory has permissions drwx r-x r-x
and files in it have permissions rw- r-- r-- (644).
I ran 'chmod +x -R *' inside the scripts/ directory and now all files are
rwx r-x r-x

But my problem is unchanged.
> One other possibility is that the script-fu plugin executable does not
> allow any user to execute it (only root), which can be fixed just as
> readily
I don't understand this. Which script-fu plug-in? Where is it?

Thank you for your help,


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