satimis writes:
> I have been googling a while searching for Gimp template and tutorial to
> design business card without result, only Photoshop tutorial found.  Can any
> folk point me to the right direction.  TIA

I've made business cards with GIMP: I wrote a script to generate an
image of the right aspect ratio, then another script to take one
such image and turn it into an image with the right aspect ratio
to be a US-Letter sized page to print with gutenprint. (It also
does various other types of labels, not just business cards.)
You might have to adjust the offsets a bit for your templates
and printer. Here are the scripts:

To be honest, it's probably easier most of the time to use a program
that's designed for making labels and business cards, like gLabels;
or design one business card in gimp then import it into gLabels for
printing (or Open Office, even). Anyway, lots of options.

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