> Do you mean just type them in? 


> That isn't working for me.  Wouldn't switching the encoding affect the whole
> file instead of just a particular string?

That should do no harm as Gimp is doing about everything in UTF-8 internally.
Plus, any characters that are relevant to Scheme syntax (i.e. not "strings") 
are from 7-bit ASCII and won't be touched anyway when you switch to UTF-8.

> I'm on WinXP, just using Notepad, which can handle the ascii 
> values I'm using (I was surprised that Dr. Scheme can't, however).

Strictly speaking, the values that you are talking about are not ASCII (as 
that only defines 7 bits originally - the upper 127 characters depend on 
which locale you are in and might even be text graphics).

Notepad also stores its data in an encoding, which however is not UTF-8.

> Typing them into a string isn't working.

Hmm... have you tried using the ALT-<numpad-sequence> for entering the 
values ?  You seem to know the encoding values of the characters in UTF-8, so 
this might work then with Notepad.


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