Robert Kennedy writes:
> After more testing and investigation, it looks like AWN is NOT to
> blame in breaking the gimp in Hardy Heron
[ ... ]
> But then I did a "sudo ldconfig". Then gimp stopped working. (But
> gimpshop still worked). If you did a "ldd `which gimp-2.4`", you would
> see the gimp loading some (but not all) libraries from /usr/local/lib
> where gimpshop installed libraries. 
[ ... ]
> So it does look like a packaging issue. The gimpshop package should be
> modified to show a conflict with gimp. But since the gimpshop project
> appears to be dead that is not likely to happen.

It's a fairly well known problem, at least among people who maintain
both a locally built gimp and the one installed from their distro.

The current 2.5 release notes have a reasonable description of what's
happening (which also apply to gimpshop or any version of gimp you
might want to build yourself while still keeping a system-installed
version), and how to fix it:
(scroll down to "Installation").

Whoever builds that gimpshop packageshould probably be doing this,
though maybe they just assume that no one would ever want both gimp
and gimpshop on the same system (but in that case, it should be
marked as a conflict in the package dependencies, as you say).
Failing that, you could probably fix it by moving all the gimpshop
stuff to some other place and using a script like the one in the
2.5 release notes.

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