once again i'm sorry that i filed this unnecessary bug report. I just link the bug report so i don't have to quote everything, i hope this is alright.


Here is the last comment Sven Neumann wrote:

> You can set up this fallback yourself. The environment variable LANGUAGE is assumed to contain a colon
> separated list of locale names that are used in that order.
> Next time please don't file a bug report but ask on the mailing- list first.

I know that i can setup this fallback myself with the LANGUAGE variable, but i think most of the "normal" Users who just install a program and want to use it do not. What i did intend to say was. The translation was done by one person so far (Duarte Loreto). I don't know if he is still working on the translation and i also don't intend to dishonor his work. I just saw it from "normal" User's point of view who downloads the program because "pcwebsite.xyz" recommends GIMP and gets this language mix presented. So my idea was, would it be possible the use the Brazilian translation instead as default and if necessary only to translate the words that have different meanings. In my commtents in the bug report, i said the the differences between Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese are marginal. I base this on the fact that my girlfriend is Brazilian and one of my Brazilian friends how lived a couple of years told me this. According to them, there are some words that have different meanings, but in general it is like American English and British English. It would be nice to hear the oppinon from someone from Portugal and maybe he totally disagrees. I also do unterstand Tor Lillqvist's concerns, that some people could be offended by doing this, but in this case I just thought it would be convenient for the Users.

Regards, Toni

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