El Friday 05 September 2008 16:16:59 Gene Heskett va escriure:
> Greetings;
> Fedora 8, gimp 2.4.6.
> I'm back again, trying to crop an image, again, yet, still.
> I can cut and cut and cut till I have what I want, but not even the zealous
> crop will get rid of the image area cut, it is still part of the image even
> if I draw it exactly enclosed,  cut it, and open a new blank image and
> paste, the white space at the top of the pix is still there.
> I've also saved the zealous crop results, and reloaded it, but the white
> space left after the cut is still, apparently forever a part of the image. 
> I don't want it, and I sure as heck don't need it restricting where
> guntenprint can put it on the paper because gutenprint will not allow the
> white space to be expanded off the edge of the paper.
> Darnit, I want to see the crosshatch indicating no data at all exists in
> that area once I have selected it and cut it away.  If I can do it in the
> darkroom on an enlarging easel & a pair of scissors (and I can and have
> many times in the last 60 years), why can't I do it in gimp?
> So what is the secret handshake that makes a cut operation a real, totally
> nuked, its ALL GONE cut as if the data went 100% into the bit bucket?
> --
> Cheers, Gene
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If I understood well your question,

Why don't you try to cut the image using the color selection tool and after 
saving the result image without saving the color of transparent pixels?

You can also delete the color of few pixels lefts after cutting manually.


Xavier Mas

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