On Thu, 2008-10-02 at 16:16 -0400, Adonj Adonj wrote:
> If I export it to png it wouldn't be an animation! I'm sorry 
> I obviously overlooked mentioning my intention.

You can preview the transparency by using the GAP player
(Filters->Animation->Playback).  When the player dialog opens, right
click on the canvas area and choose "Detach".  Then drag the canvas area
over your desktop.  The animation will playback over your desktop with
transparency rendered.  It may not be a perfect render, but it should

Saving to PNG preserves full transparency but I don't think PNGs support
animation (use MNG instead, I believe).  I could be wrong about that as
I don't do much with animations.

Saving as GIF will reduce the palette to 256 colors and reduce
multiple-levels of transparency (re: 0%-100%) to a single state of
transparency (pixels are either fully transparent or they are not).  

Animated GIFs play fine in web browsers.  PNGs (non-animated) with
transparency work well in modern browsers but suck in older versions of
MSIE.  That's the browsers fault, not PNGs fault.

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