Peter Prewett ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote (in part)  (on
2008-10-06 at 00:52):
 Gimp 2.6 on Windows Vista computer. I have downloaded the Windows
 installer and it runs OK but no help/F1 despite getting the
 gimp-help2-2-4.0-eng-setup.exe and running it, so can someone point
 out the errors of my way!! as I must be missing a vital simple

Hi Peter
My layman's understanding was that when the Gimp 2.6 was built for Windows some version of something was out of sync with something else.

Problem was located and fixed in CVS shortly after but unless/until a new Windows version is built and released, unless you know how to roll-your-own you (and all other Windows users ) are SOL.

Usually Goggling [gimp doc whatever_term_you_wanted] turns up as first hit.

Regards ... Alec   ([EMAIL PROTECTED] & WinLiveMess - [EMAIL PROTECTED])

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