not at this moment, i seem to be having trouble right away, i am following
the instructions to crop an image, and it says a "crop and resize dialog box
should pop up, but it doe's not, and i get stuck from there, gimp 2.6.0. i
will post a question to see what comes back >Hi Carl, I am copying you what I
have sent to a number of people and I hope 
>you have more assistance than I have had..........yesterday I got 42 Emails

>from GIMP users, (176 Emails in all so far) NON OF WHICH, HELPED ME IN ANY 
>WAY AT on Carl.
>Hi Carl, I am also a relative beginner and I don't go into these layers and

>stuff but I am about to give up on this latest, (almost) edition of GIMP, I

>used the older (2yrs) version of GIMP and was ok for what I needed. I 
>certainly am nowhere near an expert but managed ok for what I needed, all I

>was asking was for someone to help me with, 'copy to clip board'........with

>the older version I could click on edit and scroll down to where it said, 
>'copy to clipboard' and from there I could use it in my story, (I record 
>processes where I work) but with this latest version when I click edit and 
>scroll down there is no 'copy to clipboard' can you put some light on this 
>for me...?
>cheers,    Terry Moss     (here in Durban SA)
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carl r.
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