They have simplified GIMP, which is probably why you don't see "Copy to
Clipboard" in the Edit menu anymore -- now simply copying should copy the
contents to the clipboard. If you are using Windows or Linux, then Ctrl+C will
copy your image to the clipboard. I'm not sure about the keyboard shortcut to
copy on Mac, but Edit > Copy will do the trick. Simplication of the tool means
removing some unused or redundant features, and combining features that should
go together. By combining simple copy and copy to clipboard, into simply copy
they have made this MUCH easier to use in my opinion.


>Hi Carl, I am copying you what I have sent to a number of people and I hope

>you have more assistance than I have had..........yesterday I got 42 Emails

>from GIMP users, (176 Emails in all so far) NON OF WHICH, HELPED ME IN ANY 
>WAY AT ALL.......read on Carl.
>Hi Carl, I am also a relative beginner and I don't go into these layers and

>stuff but I am about to give up on this latest, (almost) edition of GIMP, I

>used the older (2yrs) version of GIMP and was ok for what I needed. I 
>certainly am nowhere near an expert but managed ok for what I needed, all I

>was asking was for someone to help me with, 'copy to clip board'........with

>the older version I could click on edit and scroll down to where it said, 
>'copy to clipboard' and from there I could use it in my story, (I record 
>processes where I work) but with this latest version when I click edit and 
>scroll down there is no 'copy to clipboard' can you put some light on this 
>for me...?
>cheers,    Terry Moss     (here in Durban SA)
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Nathan L.
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