On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 10:29 PM, Hedley Finger
> Chris:
>> perhaps in the meantime you could figure out how to make Kuler save
>> your ASE files as RGB?
> Love your sense of humour.  I would be happy if I could just //save// them
>  Half the time I get a server error and it doesn't matter what browser I am
> using out of the 11 on my computer (HTML and CSS testing).  I will see what
> I can do.  Need to get cracking on a paying job this afternoon.
> I might have to create a dummy account just to download my own palettes.  In
> two words, biz zar!

Hi Hedley,

Weird - I've never had trouble with the Kuler site (admittedly, I've
only downloaded about 20 palettes and created a bare handful).  And
since I run linux, flash apps crash on me routinely :)  I'm not sure,
but it seems that if you change the slider controls to RGB, make a
change, then save: it's a RGB palette - and vice-versa for
Lab/CMYK/HSV.  You can verify by using a hex editor to view the ASE
file - RGB palettes will have a "RGB" instance for each color and
vice-versa for Lab palettes.  I need to do more testing - so take that
with a lump of salt...

Anyway, I've taken preliminary steps toward importing Lab templates,
but I'm going to have to brush up on my math - I knew I should have
paid more attention to matrices in geo/trig class!  [1]  Hopefully, I
can complete the handling of Kuler palettes in the next few days...


[1]  I think the equations found here are reasonable:
http://www.brucelindbloom.com/ . Apparently ASE files from Kuler use
the D65 White point and the Bradford adaptation of Lab.  Plugging
Kuler Lab values into the "CIE Color Calculator" found on this page
returns the RGB values shown by Kuler anyway.  This is a note for my
own reference - been a long day :)
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