I am wanting to write a script that will load a pdf with a specified
resolution and then save it as a jpeg.

When I open the pdf document manually (via the GUI). I am greeted with the
"Import from PDF" window, which allows me to set the resolution of the image
which then alters the width and height of the image based on the resolution

However, when I attempt to automate this with script-fu, I am having issues
getting the same functionality.

I am using the 'file-pdf-load' function to load the pdf, however there is no
option to set the resolution and height of the image. (It appears to default
to 100dpi). I can use the 'gimp-image-set-resolution' function to set the
resolution but this doesn't automatically update the width and height of the
image. When I alter the size of the image using 'gimp-image-resize' it seems
to keep the image at the same size but sets the extra area to transparent.

Is this functionality possible or am I missing something completely?

Needless to say I am quite new to script-fu.


Ash C.
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