>Quoting "Ash C." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>> I am wanting to write a script that will load a pdf with a specified
>> resolution and then save it as a jpeg.
>> ... When I alter the size of the image using 'gimp-image-resize' it seems
>> to keep the image at the same size but sets the extra area to
>In GIMP terminology, "resize" refers to changing the size of the  
>canvas. Changing the size of the image is termed "scaling". If using  
>'gimp-image-scale' (instead of 'gimp-image-resize') does not address  
>your difficulty, I will put more consideration into my next response :)
Thanks for the quick response. I've actually messed around a little with
scaling the image but it appears to degrade the imagery somewhat. I did the
process manually whereby loading the image at 100dpi then scaling to 300dpi
and increasing the width and height by 3 also but the resultant image was
quite degraded compared to loading the PDF directly at 300dpi with the
appropriate width and heights. The interpolation setting appears to make very
little difference.
Ash C.
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