On Wed, 2008-10-22 at 01:40 +0200, Ash C. wrote:
> I am wanting to write a script that will load a pdf with a specified
> resolution and then save it as a jpeg.
> When I open the pdf document manually (via the GUI). I am greeted with the
> "Import from PDF" window, which allows me to set the resolution of the image
> which then alters the width and height of the image based on the resolution
> specified.
> However, when I attempt to automate this with script-fu, I am having issues
> getting the same functionality.
> I am using the 'file-pdf-load' function to load the pdf, however there is no
> option to set the resolution and height of the image. (It appears to default
> to 100dpi).

This functionality is not available to the PDB. We would accept a patch
that improves the PDB interface of the PDF import plug-in. 

But seriously, I don't understand why you would want to use GIMP for
this instead of a simple
 'pdftoppm -r 300 <pdffile> | pnmtojpeg <jpegfile>'


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