>On Fri, 2008-10-24 at 16:21 +0200, Tobias Jakobs wrote:
>> I had this problem too and tried to change the shortcut to F12, like it is
>> Inkscape, but I was not able to find it in the keyboard settings.
>> Is it at all possible to change the shortcut for this function?
>No, it is not a shortcut in that sense. It can't be reconfigured by the

There seems to be a lot of controversy, and some VERY strong opinions, about
how the GIMP user interface should behave. Three popular options are:
1) Keep the Toolbox and Docks next to, and NOT overlapping, the image window.
Good for big, wide monitors. The behaviour is then very much like a
single-window application.
2) Keep the Toolbox and Docks over the image window. Use Tab key to hide or
to show the Toolbox and Docks.
3) Set the mouse to activate and raise windows, and set the Toolbox and Docks
to go either above or below the image window. Then a quick movement of the
mouse brings up whichever window is desired.

It is a credit to the GIMP designers that it is so easy to customize the
interface-- thank you! Users just need to be told about it early in their GIMP

I submit that the best solution may be to add a splash screen when GIMP is
first used, explaining those options and how to set them. Or perhaps such an
explanation should be put in the Help menu or in the "Tips of the Day". Much
better tu customize early-on than to argue over how it "should" be!
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