Simon Budig wrote:

> Ernie Wright ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>> I don't get *any* antialiasing when I stroke elliptical selections.
> You're not doing anything wrong and we know about this effect. Gimp
> doesn't do anything wrong either, it just does something the user does
> not expect it to do.
> The effect is discussed in bug #50730
> ( ).

Thanks Simon, very helpful.  Good to know it's not just me.

(My search-fu wasn't very good.  This has, in fact, come up in gimp-user
several times before.  My bad.)

"Does something the user does not expect" is the definition of a design
flaw (which might be what you meant, irony being difficult to detect in
e-mail), but as you say, that discussion probably belongs on gimp-devel.

- Ernie                        
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