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> Hello,
> I sell postage stamps.  For inventory photos, I scan whole "stocksheets"
> (black backing, acetate strips to hold the stamps) with the stamps in place,
> then use GIMP to cut out the individual stamps for listing.
> Right now, I draw a rectangular selection around each stamp, then CTRL-C,
> CTRL-SHIFT-V, CTRL-SHIFT-S, type a name.  I can do this pretty quickly, but
> my wrists would thank me if there were a way to bind this series of
> keypresses to one keystroke, or to have a sort of "Copy to" like the old
> Windows Paint program had.
> Sorry if this is a ridiculously easy question.

Alec's idea is pretty elegant. My ideas are below.

On Linux, you can use xDoTool for this; You would basically create a
noninteractive Python plugin which runs the following command using

xdotool key Ctrl+C Ctrl+Shift+V Ctrl+Shift+S

If, for example, you always saves PNGs, you might want to add to that:

xdotool key Ctrl+C Ctrl+Shift+V Ctrl+Shift+S Delete period p n g Home

so, delete whatever filename is already in the File field, type '.png'
and return to the start of the line.

On Windows, you may be able to use AutoIt in a similar way.

Alternatively you could use GIMP's pdb calls to accomplish this,
something like this:

pdb.gimp_edit_copy (drawable)
newimage = pdb.gimp_edit_paste_as_new ()
filename = filename
pdb.gimp_file_save (newimage, drawable,  filename, filename)

where filename is a parameter that you can choose via the PythonFu
automatic GUI.

I have no idea what the old Windows Paint did.

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