> Von: peter kostov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> I have tried Rawstudio, but it gave me bad results, al least with NEF 
> files.
> I din't knew about Rawtherapee, I will try it. But as I see it is based 
> on DCraw for reading the input file. As far as I know DCraw and Ufraw 
> are very similar, so this solution is maybe similar to using Ufraw as 
> Gimp plug-in, but I will not talk anymore until I try it for real.

A promising approach would be to get in contact with the authors of these 
programs and tell them about your problems, then the might be able to help you 
with better settings or you might be able to help them to improve their 

And please, do cut down the mails you're quoting to the parts you're referring 

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