Is there a 'trick' for pasting images from Gimp into Microsoft Word?

Images copied from Gimp (Windows version 2.6.1, but also with the last
version I had) don't paste into Microsoft Word (2003).  I have no problem
pasting them into Microsoft Paint.

I've been pasting them into MS Paint and then copying them and pasting them
into Word.  Is there any way to eliminate the need for a middleman to re-copy
the image?

I don't know if this helps, but the Windows XP clipboard viewer (clipbrd.exe)
says that Gimp is offering images of type "DIB Bitmap" and "Bitmap".  MSPaint
is offering "Picture", "DIB Bitmap", "Enhanced Metafile" and "Bitmap".  The
problem isn't that MS Word doesn't speak Gimp's formats, because
Edit|PasteSpecial doesn't have an effect for either clipboard format when
coming from Gimp and it works with all three formats when coming from MS

If I run Gimp in --verbose mode it says it's offering image/bmp'.

Ed S.
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