is the bug for this.  I left
a trivial C program there that that can be used to look at clipboard.  In my
tests Gimp's CF_DIB exactly matches MS-Paint's but Gimp's CF_BITMAP has bogus
values including bmType.

I hypothesize that Word and Paint.NET refuse to paste when encountering the
odd CF_BITMAP but MS Paint falls through and accepts the valid DIB, or perhaps
prefers the DIB and never sees the BITMAP.

It might be possible to comment out the Gimp code for pasting CF_BITMAP so
only the valid DIB is present.  I don't want to attempt this.

>It appears there s a problem with the Bitmap format. If I try to view
>the Bitmap format with the ClipBook Viewer, a message tells me that
>"ClipBook Viewer cannot display the information in its current format
>or there is not enough memory to display it. Quit one or more
>application to increase the available memory, and then try again."
>As I assume that 2G memory is enough, though, for a 750K image, then
>it should be a problem with something else.
>Perhaps Word tries this format in front of other.
>(and Word is not the single application, the same type of problem
>occurs when trying to copy and paste to Paint.NET, for example; there
>it gives either "The image in the clipboard couldn't be recognized. Try
>re-opening it with the original application that was used to qcquire
>it", or "There is no usable image in the clipboard")

Ed S.
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