On Sunday 23 November 2008, norman wrote:
> I use TurboPrint 2.x to print from Gimp 2.6.2 on my desktop computer
> running Ubuntu 8.04. I would like to print from a remote laptop computer
> running Ubuntu 8.10 using a wireless connection and still be able to use
> TurboPrint. Has anyone any experience of this or any idea on how to
> achieve it, please?
> Norman


What is that "turboprint" and how does it work? If it just makes printers 
available via cups, there should be no problem. If it works with Ubuntu 8.04 
but not with 8.10, that would be an Ubuntu problem and the Ubuntu people 
should work on it. Printing through a network (as you seem to want to do) 
works as well or bad with GIMP as with any other application, wireless or by 


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