Hi Gimp-user,

A couple of years ago I ran across a blog that talked about organizing
The Gimp into 1 window. I really liked this layout. I spent some time
dragging and docking so when I had no images open, there was 1 window,
the Toolbox.

This window consisted of: the File Menu at the top, then the Toolbox
below that, then a series of Dialogs below that in a horizontal row,
starting with Layers, Channels, Paths, History, Color, Brushes,
Patterns, Gradients, and ending with Tool Options. When I wanted to
create or open an image, do a screen capture, change Gimp Preferences,
I just went to the Toolbox that had a large presence on the right-hand
side of my desktop.

With the recent version of The Gimp, the File Menu was removed from
the Tool Box window, and now there are 2 windows at all times. When I
want to open an image, do a screen capture, change The Gimp
Preference, etc, I have to rummage around for a currently open image
to access the File menu. These usually are minimized.

Does anyone know of a way to get the File Menu back on the Toolbox, or
to get the interface to work like it did in the past in version 2.2?

I did find (toobox-wilber no) at gimpbook.com/tips.html. I added that
to gimprc to remove the empty space at the top of the Toolbox.  Now if
the File Menu was back on the Toolbox, life would be good again :-)

Thank you.


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