> > Basically, I've got a bunch of pictures from a party/event that I want to 
> > do 

> several things to:
> > 
> > 1)  Resize to 4x6 @ 300 PPI 
> > 2)  Add a sllightly transucent ~ 1" white bar on top of the image (accross 
> > the 
> bottom).
> > 3)  Over the white bar, on the left, place a small 1"x1" logo.
> > 4)  Over the white bar, centered on the remainder, put the names of the 
> > people 
> in the photo. (Reducing text size if needed to fit on one line.)
> > 5)  Over the white bar, centered on the remainder, put the name of the 
> > event 
> on the next line.
> > 6)  Add a black border to entire image.
> > 7)  Export as JPEG.
> > 
> > There is a CSV file that contains the "names of the people in each photo" 
> > to 
> file name mapping.  (One line per image file.)
> > 
> > Can this be automated with the GIMP?
> Yes, if you're familiar with one of the programming languages supported
> for GIMP Plugins (C, Python, Script-Fu by default - there may be
> others).  You'll need to become familiar with the plugin API.  In 2.6,
> look under the Help menu for "Procedure Browser".  The way you use these
> is dependent on the language you choose.

Thank you for the help.

These photos need to be printed as a hard-copy... hence the need to downsize to 

I'm kinda familiar with Python as a web scripting language, but I've never used 
it for a GUI or as a plug-in language.

How involved is writing a GIMP plug-in?  

For the overlay, Is is possible to simply make a "template" GIMP file, replace 
the text field values as needed, and merge with a resized version of the base 

> However, if you really do need to update the image itself and you want
> to program it yourself, you might find it easier to automate this with
> ImageMagick.  The advantage to this option is that it's more scripted
> from the shell and doesn't require running a UI interface.  GIMP can (I
> believe - I never use it this way) be run without the UI but I'm not
> sure it's particularly easier to script in this way.  

I'll check out ImageMagick.. thanks for the lead.  Ideally, I'd still like to 
create the template overlay file in GIMP, though. (If imagemagick supports such 
a thing... )


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