On Thu, 2009-01-08 at 19:53 -0800, Bernard Rankin wrote:

> I'm kinda familiar with Python as a web scripting language, but I've never 
> used it for a GUI or as a plug-in language.
> How involved is writing a GIMP plug-in?  

It's really easy. The main problem is to get the script into the right
directory with the right permissions. ;-)

If I am allowed to plug my own stuff here - have a look at
http://forum.meetthegimp.org/index.php/board,12.0.html for examples,
http://forum.meetthegimp.org/index.php/topic,202.0.html for how to start
and even at http://meetthegimp.org/episode-038-a-phython-in-a-barrel/ a
video on a really beginner level. But as you know your way around Python
you'll don't need that one. 


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